In Salinas, Santa Elena, there are many Markets, Craft markets and lots of entertainment and touristic attractions nearby, such as: Chocolatera, La Loberia, Ballenita, the route of Spondylus including Montañita and many other coastal colourful towns and romantic places facing the Pacific Ocean.

Kraft Markets in Salinas, Santa Elena

Surf Paddling in Salinas, is only one of the many other popular water sports practiced here such as: Water skiing, Jet skiing, water cycling, Skydiving, Parasailing, wake boarding, Fishing tours, Bay tours, etc. An endless list of ocean activities is always available when requested. Just contact us for a quote when visiting and/or staying in one of our vacation rentals. We can arrange anything for our guests!

There are also many beach competitions and programs taking place on and off season in Salinas at all times. Volleyball, beach tennis, shows and lots of fun games, nightlife and things to do including karaoke, and dance parties as well. Something is always going on in Salinas.

Salinas sandy beaches include: The Main Malecon Salinas beach, Chipipe and San Lorenzo, which are visited by tourists all year round.


On the beach, you may enjoy localized massages, local delights and cocktails such as Mojitos, Caipirinas and Pina Coladas delivered right to your seat.

From June to September is the Whale season and it is highly possible to watch humpback whales close to the picturesque Salinas' coast.

Whale watching boat tours are always available at the main beach.

Rent a bike to explore la Chocolatera and surrounding areas are also available. Farallon Dillon Nautical museum with its gallery's most prized relics and Nautical pieces in Ballenita, is also an interesting place to visit. Breathtaking panoramic views of the coast can be enjoyed at this view point, facing the Pacific Ocean.

Many things to do. Contact us for further information if you're staying in one of our Holiday apartments in Salinas.